Stiffy’s Timeline of Roger Milestones

March 1961         Initiated into Theta-Upsilon Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha ( Polytechnic University )

    ·             Served as High Gamma, House Manager, Steward and Newsletter Editor

1964         Graduated with a B.S.E.E. in 1964, joins IBM Corporation

1967         Served as High Pi to Theta-Upsilon Zeta until 1969

1967         Led the formation of the Theta-Upsilon alumni chapter and he helped to bring the Housing Corporation back to life after former Grand High Alpha  Elles M. Derby stepped down as their “one man House Corp”after 25 years.

 ·                Held a variety of alumni offices including Senior High Alpha (Alumni Association President)

1978         M.S. in Computer Science, Union College

   ·              Helped Theta-Upsilon win the Phoenix Award from Lambda Chi Alpha HQ, for “rising up from their own ashes”

1979         Theta-Upsilon Alumni Chapter and Theta-Upsilon House Corp merged under Roger’s leadership

1980         Roger was nominated for Lambda Chi Alpha’s prestigious Order of Merit

1984         Became an Adjunct Assistant Professor at RPI

1987         Achieved his Ph.D. in Communication & Rhetoric, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

1988         Received IEEE Professional Communication Society’s Alfred N. Goldsmith Award

1992         Retired from IBM Corporation to become a private consultant

1995         Named Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication

   ·              Served as Faculty Advisor to Epsilon-Eta Zeta, 1995 (up to Spring 2007)

1996         Became Clinical Assistant Professor at Rensselaer

1997         Served as High Pi at Epsilon-Eta Zeta (up to Spring 2007)

1998         Created Epsilon-Eta Zeta Alumni Advisory Board

 ·                 Roger became head of a Membership Review Committee that re-built Theta-Upsilon Zeta’s membership

1999         One of the first Lambda Chi Alpha Impact Leadership facilitators

2000         Member of the RPI Greek L.I.F.E. Task Force

    ·              IEEE Third Millennium Medal recipient. Awarded by the Professional Communication Society

·                  Elected honorary member of Order of Omega, Greek honorary society ( April )

 ·                 Elected to Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity’s prestigious Order of Merit ( April )

   ·               Rensselaer’s David M. Darrin Counseling Award; presented at Commencement ( May )

2001         Received the prestigious Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication.

  ·               Received Rensselaer Greek Advisor of the Year Award for 2000-2001

2002         Became Clinical Associate Professor at Rensselaer

2003         Awarded Society for Technical Communication’s President’s Award in May

2007         Most Involved Alumni Award for Epsilon-Eta Zeta in March

    ·              Elected President of the Alumni Inter-Greek Council after many years of service as Lambda Chi Alpha’s representative in April

    ·              Became Clinical Professor at Rensselaer; May 2nd, 2007!! Congratulations Roger!


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